Maintenance Tips on Cleaning Glass Tile


To any living space, Glass tile flooring offers brilliant shine and style too.

General maintenance must be followed to keep the tiles looking their best as true with any flooring material. Certain cautions should be followed although cleaning glass tile is not a difficult process.

The Basics

The beauty adds to any space is one of the biggest benefits of using glass tile for flooring. The designers can create multi-colored patterns from eye-catching geometric designs using mosaic glass tiles. However, glass tiling must be kept free of dirt and grit particles to maintain its beauty. A daily preventive maintenance is essential for the cleaning and care of glass tile flooring. With the use of a soft, cloth dust mop, it should be swept daily. There is the potential to scratch or etch the glass tiles over time by any means of loose dirt, other particles, or grit that stockpile on the floor. The fabulous shine and glossy look of the tiles can be witnessed for a long time just by eliminating the gritty dirt every day.

The Aid of Mop

Using a non-abrasive commercial cleaner, soft mop and thorough rinse of the flooring surface, you can simply clean glass tile. The room will look and feel brighter and have the amazing glitz with freshly cleaned glass tiles. It offers resistance not only to stains but also the unwanted mold and mildew by the non-porous surface of the glass tiles. This makes your cleaning the glass time simple. A simple cleaning solution of vinegar and water can do the trick if soap scum does pile-up on the glass tiles. If this happens, use 1-part white vinegar (preferably distilled) to 3-parts warm water. The mixture will aid in removing any soap scum or film.

Simple Reminders When Cleaning Glass Tiles:

  1. Not in any way should you use abrasive cleaners or chemicals
  2. Once cleaning the tiles or grout, refrain from using stiff-bristle or metal bristle brushes
  3. Always dry with a soft cloth for brilliant shine right after washing the glass tiles