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5 Secret Airbnb Tips to Help You Save Money

Airbnb has grown by leaps and bound and is becoming a sensation in the hospitality industry. With so many options to choose from and affordable prices, it is no wonder this marketplace is doing so well.

The hosts also go the extra mile to make all their clients feel at home. There are different ways you can save more money with Airbnb and use the cash in other ways. These include:

  1. Negotiate with Your Host

Most people just go with the listed prices and fail to realize that the host might be open to negotiations. Although some hosts will not reply while others just refuse to negotiate, it is always good to try your luck as you might find one who is willing to lower the price.

If you are planning on staying for the whole week or you book during the off-peak season, you are likely to benefit from a discount. Always check for discounted rates that accompany extended stays. You might also find monthly rates listed for a certain property appearing in your search list.

  1. Book Early

Both of these come with their own advantages. With Airbnb, you get unique listing tailored to your needs unlike with hotel rooms which are usually identical. If you know what you are exactly looking for, make your reservation early enough as the best places offering great prices get grabbed first especially in peak season.

  1. Do a Last-Minute Reservation

Alternatively, you can postpone your booking until the last minute. If the host has not had any bookings, their only option is to lower the prices. This is your chance to grab a great deal. Hosts will be trying to encourage travelers to book their place by even offering huge discounts. So, if you have a flexible traveling schedule, this could be a great way to save extra money which you could use while on your trip.

  1. Book More Nights Than You Need

In some cases, it is cheaper to reserve more nights than you intend to stay. The reasoning behind this strategy is that you might become eligible for discounts. Mostly, you will find properties listed on Airbnb offering great discounts to travelers who book during a specific time period.

Normally, such discounts are offered to those who book to stay for more than a week or a month. This does not mean that you have to stay for two weeks while you only planned to be there for seven days. Just adding one day can make all the difference. You do not have to stay the extra days as you can always leave after the seventh or 27th day and still save a ton of cash from the discount.

  1. Reserve with a New Host

Although most people rely on reviews to decide on the best Airbnb place to book, going with a new host could prove good for your wallet. If the new host is not offering any discount, how about you negotiate for one?

Chances are that you will end up getting the discount as the host wants to receive those first reviews. Both of you will benefit from this arrangement and you might find the property very comfortable than anticipated.